A Facebook video of a City of Orange Police officer playing basketball without a goal with a handful of kids at an apartment complex spurred a woman to donate a basketball goal to the kids.

Orange Police Officers G.J. McLean and Lt. G. Keaton showed up at Velma Jeter manor Apartments in Orange Friday with the donated goal and set it up with the help of three residents at the apartments.

Miosiha Scott, manager at the apartments, told 12News, there are at least 30 kids living in the complex and that she expects at least half of them to make use of the goal which was being used as soon as it was finished.

Rose Daugherty, a resident of Velma Jeter Manor apartments in Orange, shot the video from the window of her apartment on August 3.

In the video Officer G.J. McLean can be seen playing what Daugherty described in her post as "some kind of basketball" as the officer and the kids appeared to be bouncing the ball at the curb since there was no actual hoop available.

Someone sent the video to us at 12News and we posted it to our Facebook page wher it has gotten almost 15,000 views. Daugherty's original post to her own account has been viewed more then 13,000 times so far.

Less than four hours after we posted the video a woman posted in the comments that she had bought a goal for the kids and that the officers would be setting it for them.

As others in the comments posted thanking her another said she was a "great woman" to which she responded... "Thank you, but I didn't want attention or anything, just felt like those kiddos should be able to play for real."