A heated Facebook confrontation started after Beaumont Councilman Mike Getz reported walking out of Sunday’s Robert Cray concert in Beaumont.

Getz said the blues musician became overly political and critical of President Trump.

While Getz called it his First Amendment right to walk out, 23-year-old Deondre Moore was outraged.

“Just to see that someone, a representative of my hometown, to say that they can basically for lacking better from my view is that they can care less about what someone else, an artist, a black man was expressing his views and the political climate here in Beaumont.” Said Moore.

Moore is an HIV activist who lives with the disease and says he was offended that Getz responded to the criticism by writing: “Sounds to me like you have enough problems with your health over in Houston. You take care now, you hear.”

Moore goes to Sam Houston State University and travels back and forth from Houston to Beaumont weekly.

Getz says he has nothing against Moore or anyone with HIV. “How I meant that was look, this conversation has run its course. I’ve said what I had to say. You need to just worry about yourself, not me going to a concert. That’s really not something for you to focus on. Worry about your own issues. Don’t worry about me walking out of a concert.” Said Getz.

Moore claims he was “criticized” for being HIV positive and says an elected official should not have the right to do so.

“It shows that his lack of compassion for someone living with HIV. A chronic illness.” He said.

Moore received messages from council members Virginia Jordan and W.L. Pate apologizing from their behalf.