BEAUMONT, Texas — Beaumont Police are investigating after one Facebook user claims two teenage girls were spray painting vehicles outside Parkdale Mall on Saturday evening. 

The post shows an SUV that appears to have white spray paint on the passenger side. 

A Beaumont Police Department spokesperson told 12News the incident is being investigated as a criminal mischief case, and the two juveniles involved have been released to their parents. The spokesperson said at least one vehicle was involved, and police are looking into the possibility of a second. 

He said at this point in the investigation, it doesn't seem that the vehicle was targeted.  

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We've included a photo of the public Facebook post on this story, but we're choosing to blur out the name and profile picture of the Facebook account for privacy reasons.  

The post says two teenagers were near Dillard's, and were seen spray painting a vehicle. The Facebook post claims a woman got out of her car and witnessed the vandalism after one of the juveniles cursed at her. 

"One of them called me a B and the other one started spray painting some random persons car," the woman said in the post. 

Facebook cars vandalism Parkdale Mall

Editor’s Note: We have a clarification about some video we aired during our original story about vandalism at Parkdale Mall. In our reporting, we referenced an Instagram post about a separate incident near the mall in December.  We apologize for using that post.

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