Orange county evacuees who were living in Fort Worth were transported to tent shelters in Orange Monday afternoon.

According to Janoise Strause with the Orange County sheriff’s office, 46 residents were bused into the shelter but 10 were picked up by family or friends and left.

She explains there were three orange county residents who walked into the shelter seeking help.

"It’s been rough honey, it's been really really rough," said evacuee Nina Lewis.

Nina Lewis’ life turned upside down after heavy wind and rain from Harvey destroyed her home in Orange.

Lewis evacuated to Lake Charles then eventually came back to Orange to live with her family. After staying with them for a while she decided she wanted to live independently.

"Been a burden, I’ve been feeling like it that's why I’m here," said Lewis.

Emergency management officials help unload evacuee suitcases, personal belongings and pets off the busses this afternoon.

The shelter can hold 250 people inside but the county has the capability to expand the shelter to 500 people if needed.

There are currently 100 cots inside the shelter there will be curtain dividers in place to separate men, women and families in different sections.

There will also be police officers on watch inside of the tents.

"We've all been working together from local to federal level so it's a relief we have this going now," said County Judge Brint Carlton.

There are 39 evacuees staying inside the shelter tonight along with 19 pets which are outside the shelters in crates.

There are also trailers set up with bathrooms and showers as well as a medical tent for medical needs.

Lewis said she is grateful the tent shelters are in place so she begin to return to her normal life.

“I can have a peace of mind of my own something I can hold on to I’m not no burden on nobody this is what I need,” said Lewis.

Orange county residents who don’t have a place to stay are welcome to the shelter but they need to bring an I.D.