PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Phones have been ringing off the hook at Port Arthur City Hall.

LNG and refinery expansion have contractors seeing dollar signs, with as many as 10,000 workers needed.

"What would it take to establish an RV park," said Assistant City Manager Ronald Burton. "Or what would it take to provide temporary housing for those transient workers?" 

What are those requirements and how can contractors get in on the money?

The ordinance says the basic requirement to build an RV park is five acres of land. The land has to have the ability to hook up to city water, wastewater, sewer and there must be roads.

Three companies have already applied.

Golden Triangle RV Resort has already been approved and has started construction.

Golden Triangle RV Resort
The petrochemical boom has caused companies like Golden Triangle RV to seek construction in Port Arthur.
Charles Shajari

It is complete with 11 acres, 137 spaces, a clubhouse and two parking spots for each lot.

Two other companies are trying to go through the process to set up RV parks for workers.

Burton says the city wants to iron out technicalities with its ordinance.

"To see what are the shortcomings in the ordinance," said Burton. "How can we do better in reviewing the ordinance and proposed amendments to the city council.

The main goal is to establish a good working relationship with the contractors.

"We are willing to work as partners in development, but we are willing to also see to it that we are not left in a disadvantageous position when all is said and done in the city of Port Arthur," Burton said.

They want to make sure both entities can benefit.