What do you get with a dog, a baby, and family? A heartwarming story on Thanksgiving.

It all starts with Front Street Shelter in Sacramento. They posted a video on their Facebook about free adoptions through New Year's Eve, thanks to a local realtor's generosity.

The clip of Ruby, a German Shepard, was quick, barely a few seconds. But Zhanna Koryaka knew it was her dog right away.

"The demeanor, the way she looked to the side," Zhanna said. "I was like 'That's Ruby!'"

It was her first glimpse of Ruby in over a year. The then 7-month-old pup went missing in October 2015, when someone in the neighborhood left the gate open.

"After awhile I lost hope," Val Koryaka, Zhanna's husband, said. "My wife still checked online and Facebook pages.

The couple spent months looking, checking every shelter and posting fliers everywhere. But soon, Zhanna and Val had to shift their priorities. You see, Zhanna had been 8-months pregnant when Ruby disappeared.

"We were so busy with the baby," said Zhanna. "We prayed about it a lot. We surrendered the situation to God."

More than a year later, it looked like God had answered their prayers. Zhanna and Val rushed to the shelter to pick Ruby up and to their surprise, she was exactly the same. Ruby was easily identified through a scar above her left eye and a birthmark on her tongue and under it.

"Everything about her. Her demeanor, her walk, her personality. It's the same," said Zhanna.

Zhanna and Val's now 1-year-old daughter is finally getting to meet her "sister."

Before we even had our real daughter, [Ruby] was our daughter," said Val.

The Koryakas said they have a whole lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

"We're extremely thankful to God. He brought Ruby home," said Val. "Now we can celebrate Thanksgiving all together."