A couple from Bridge City, who now live in Dallas, getting a rude awakening on Sunday morning.

Brittany and Richard Guillory found a nasty message on their truck. It read, “You ain’t handicapped” on the driver’s window.

Brittany says her husband is an injured Marine veteran and suffered a leg injury during his service.

“We were just flabbergasted. Like really, are you kidding me? This is Bridge City. We are from here. This is not something we expect at all.” She said.

The Guillorys were in town to celebrate Brittany’s birthday and were staying at a hotel on Texas Avenue when they saw the nasty note.

Richard has had his Disabled Veteran plate for six years and says he’s never had an issue and was disturbed by the message.

“You shouldn’t judge people. You know? Educate yourself on the plaques and what they mean.” He said.

Both Brittany and Richard asked management for surveillance video but they said they were not allowed to watch it.

“You can’t always see a disability.” Said Brittany.

The couple said their truck was not vandalized, they are just hurt by the perceived judgement.