One Deweyville resident is hoping last year's floods are not repeated with Tropical Depression Harvey expected to impact Southeast Texas.

"I had never been worried about storms before about us flooding, I didn't think we would because we never had before and then we did last year. And now that Harvey's coming, I'm concerned," Betty Worthen, an 18-year resident of Deweyville said.

Worthen’s home had two feet of water inside after last year’s floods. Many of Worthen's family members were also impacted.

"My home was destroyed and we're still trying to get back to where we were before but we never will be," Worthen said.

Now many of their homes are raised on pilings, and the hopes of the family that Harvey will not deal too much damage remain high as well.

Worthen saved several items from her home including a family painting that hangs in her living room.

Worthen’s main concern is the Sabine River Authority’s management of the Toledo Bend Reservoir floodgates.

The SRA tells 12 News the levels are being monitored closely.

"That's what will do us in, I feel like they should start releasing the water now because they know it's coming," Worthen said.

She says her family will remain strong through the storm.

"I'm very very blessed and I'm blessed I still have my family around me, and we will get through it, we'll do what we have to do," Worthen said.

The Newton County Precinct Four Commissioner says he'll wait until Thursday to inform the community on what actions will be taken.