DEWEYVILLE — People living in Deweyville are preparing for moderate flooding this weekend.

The Sabine River Authority has opened its gates at the Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Justice of the Peace Precinct Four Judge Dana Ashmore said Wednesday afternoon water in the Sabine River had to start being released, after Toledo Bend reached about 173 feet high.

"Now that they have held the water so long, it's at emergency stage," Bill Martinez said.

Martinez lives in Deweyville, a town of a little more than 1,000 where flooding happens all too often.

Martinez said the Sabine River Authority waited too long to release the water and expects his property to flood.

All 11 gates at the Toledo Bend Reservoir are open three feet as of the latest advisory Wednesday.

With two to four more inches of rain expected Wednesday night, Martinez said he just hopes it doesn't turn into anything major.

Deweyville officials haven't told us how they're preparing for the potential flooding or if they have any plans in place.