Preparations at Deweyville High School have begun and so has the construction of a temporary campus for the elementary students.

Deweyville Elementary School was ruined by the floods back in March, forcing students and staff to move to the high school. Superintendent Kevin Clark believes this school year will be different but in a good way.

"This will not be your typical start of the new year. Since the flood, things are different. The community is different, the school is different, there's a lot of changes." Said Clark.

20 trailers are staged behind Deweyville High School. Each classroom fully equipped with bathrooms and electricity.

However, the 4 million dollar project is still not complete, so students will start the year at Deweyville High School.

"We have everything from classroom to different styles of classrooms." Clark Said. Deweyville ISD is still getting help from organizations from around the country to get teachers and students back on track.

"200 to 300 computers were all donated from local businesses from other school districts so we got them all ready so that school can finish and now we came back to set them up for the new school year." Said Joe Hillis from Information Technology Disaster Center.

Special Ed teacher, Joanna Peveto, was working on her classroom on Thursday and told 12News she is welcoming students from all ages with open arms.

"I think everybody is ready for the new year to start and to turn the page about what happened last year and its time to push forward." Peveto said.

All elementary students are expected to move to the temporary campus before October.