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'It's the call of Jesus' : Destiny Church in Orange gives back to the community with food pantry

The pantry is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 6 p.m. Not only is it stocked with food, but also clothing, toiletries and other necessities.

ORANGE, Texas — Destiny Church in Orange is grateful they have the ability to give back to the community in such a big way this holiday season.

Across the street from the church at 3423 Martin Street in Orange is what began as the "Blessing Box," but now a 10-by-12-foot shed stocked with food and other necessities for those in need.  

"It all started with the understanding that we want to feed our city, we have this saying, everyone eats," said Pastor Johnny Asevedo. 

The pantry is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 6 p.m.

"Honestly, it's been a community effort, there's a lot of nameless, faceless people who have just, you know we'll come here one morning in the beginning and this thing was full," Asevedo said. 

The Blessing Box became a huge hit, and Asevedo realized they needed something bigger.

With some community support, the box grew immensely. 

"We stock it with jackets, toiletries, things like that, it became just having more room, it enabled us to grow and give back more," Asevedo said. 

Pastor Asevedo witnessed first-hand how the little shed was changing lives. 

"Grown men weeping at our tables, weeping, because they wanted to kill themselves, we've seen people that were broken, completely healed and restored, we've seen body parts healed and restored," he said. 

Pastor Asevedo says they're not looking for pats on the back or words of recognition for serving the community.

"We're doing this because we feel it's the call of Jesus. I always say Orange County is blessed, is because, it's always neighbors helping neighbors, and they're doing it without any strings attached," he said. 

Pastor Asevedo says if you're blessed enough to have food on the table, think about those who don't and consider chipping in to help.

"The only string that may be attached is human connection, sharing what we have, so others don't suffer," he said. 

Those interested in donating can reach out to Destiny Church on Facebook

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    and consider chipping in to help.


    consider chipping in -- to help those who don't.


    the only string that may be attached -- is human connection.

    sharing what we have -- so others don't suffer.


    if you're lucky enough to have food on the table 




    "we found that we were filling it up and it wasn't holding enough, and we needed more, so with prayer and a couple other things behind the scenes, we expanded it, and got a 10x12 shed."


    "for those who are starving, which has happened, who are just in need to get by for a few days or who just need a small blessing towards a family member."


    "filling that thing up day in and day out, and hearing amazing testimonies from people who were going days without food, then heard about the blessing box, and were able to come and get something from the orange box."

    it didn't take long for pastor johhny asevedo <assaveydo> to need -- a bigger box.

    it was time for pastor johnny asevedo -- to get a bigger box.



the orange food pantry is open monday, wednesday and friday from noon to 6pm.

    if you want to donate -- pastor asevedo says you should reach out to destiny church on facebook -- we will have a link to that as well on our website.

    cameron sibert 12 news.

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