Despite the below freezing temperatures this cold weather isn't stopping some "Outside" workers from getting the job done.

"We don't think about the cold so we just keep on going," says Johnny Ortiz, who works for Aztec Remodeling Service based in Beaumont.

Crew members were pitting in work on a home on the 2000 block of Clearview street in Beaumont.

"It get's really cold so we just have to keep warm and take plenty of breaks," he says.

Ortiz says he has 5 children to attend too so a day out in the cold is just another work day, and like him thousands of Southeast Texans are still working outside during the hard freeze warning.

"I have workers that have families too so they have to make sure their families get fed," Ortiz says.

The crews are braving the chill all in an effort to give families a shelter from the cold.

"Stay warm everyone, stay warm," he says.