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VERIFY: No, The FDA didn't change packaging requirements for ice cream after viral ice cream licker video

Following those viral ice cream licking videos, a new rumor claims you'll have to pay more for a tub of ice cream due to new safety measurements.


Has the FDA changed packaging requirements for ice cream carton following the video of the woman licking Blue Bell ice cream going viral? 


No, the agency said this rumor is not true.


  • Food and Drug Administration spokesperson: Peter Cassell
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream 


You can always depend on our Verify squad to get you the truth on those viral rumors blowing up your news-feed. 

Remember this trending video of a woman licking a carton of ice cream in a grocery store that came out earlier this month?  

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Well now a Facebook post circulating claims that because of that incident, the Food and Drug Administration will require companies to have a tight plastic seal placed on top of ice cream cartons. The post also claims this extra material's going to jack up ice cream prices. 

Credit: Facebook

To find out, the Verify team touched base with the FDA, which confirmed this claim isn't true. The FDA also said the issue that sparked the rumor is a matter for the the company that makes the ice cream.

Furthermore, when the FDA makes changes to food packaging regulations, it doesn't go into effect quickly. There's a notice of proposed rule-making, a public comment period, and then an additional review process before any final changes. 

As for Blue Bell Ice Cream, a spokesperson told Verify researchers they're always looking at ways to add a layer of protection during the manufacturing process, but no decision has been made at this time.

So, we verified, false, the FDA hasn't changed ice cream packaging requirements.

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