ORANGE — Patrick Roberts says his SUV broke down after getting gas at a Citgo gas station located on the corner of Green Avenue and 10th street in Orange.

The owner of that gas station says so far at least 5 people have reported damages to their vehicles as well.

"Other cars at the store were having the same problems, water in the gas. Well I don’t know what that is but it's not gas," Roberts said.

Roberts posted a video on Facebook warning people not to get gas from there. He says others have come forward with complaints about the gas since the video was posted.

He also has to pay for the repairs out of his own pockets.

"My girl missed work today, I missed work today I had to find my step kids a ride to work. People need their vehicles man that's one of the most important things you can own," Roberts said.

At this time, all he can do is file a claim with gas station’s insurance company.

"They didn't give anybody their money back, they just gave us the insurance number. We work hard for our money, everything we got we worked hard for," Roberts said.

Now customers in Orange now facing hardships, just for filling up.

The owner of that gas station gave a statement saying, "We are aware there's a problem, and are working to fix it".