CRYSTAL BEACH, T.X. -- Hours after a beachgoer got attacked in the Gulf water along the Bolivar Peninsula, visitors to Crystal Beach didn't seem to be phased.

"I heard about it, and it's exactly where I hunt for shark teeth all the time. We came down here, and it happened. It was real," Michelle Mackey told 12News.

She's not scared. "I've been swimming here for 45 years, so I'd probably go back out. The fish are out there; the sharks out there; the crabs are out there; it's just a part of nature!"

Galveston County sheriff's deputies responded to the attack around 10 a.m. Thursday after being flagged down by people on the beach. Investigators say a 42-year-old man from the Alvin area was bitten above the thigh while in the water near a sandbar near Stingaree Drive. He was taken to UTMB but is expected to be okay.

Tourist Brooke Perry was in the area when it happened. "We were out there boogie boarding, and I saw a big dark shadow in the water. I didn't really think nothing about it until we heard there was a shark attack," she recalled.

Bobby Gordon frequently visits Crystal Beach to look for souvenirs. "Some people look for sea glass. You can find arrow heads down here, but mainly for the sharks teeth," he admitted.

He knows the chances of an attack happening again this soon, are next to none. "There's nothing I'm worried about out there, There's really not. I'm more worried about stepping on a stingray or a crab than I am of a shark bite."