Several families experienced a pain that can't be matched losing a loved one. Violence took the lives of several people, like Kera Teel, Tristan Dilley and many others in 2017.

"2017 has been a challenging year for us as a community, from the shootings, to the fire, and to the flood. But we have high hopes for 2018," Cathedral Church pastor Randy Feldschau said.

Pastor Feldschau says that his "Not in my City" movement will continue to help bridge the gap between members of the community and police who are protecting it.

"There are always citizens in every part of this city so when they come forward and they help us out, then together we can make Beaumont a safer place and that's our goal," Beaumont Police officer Haley Morrow said.

The goal is to bring crime down in Beaumont. This year there have been 18 homicides in the city in 2017.

That's an increase from 2016, and the highest total in the last four years.

Despite those statistics, Pastor Feldschau remains optimistic he and others can continue the work of getting guns and violence off the streets.

"So we want to continue to work with the city, the county, law enforcement to address these issues of poverty, education, and crime. Because these are three things that are definitely linked together," Feldschau said.

Feldschau says they are planning to hold another gun buyback program next year.

Officer Morrow encourages citizens to continue helping police gather information on violent crimes in their area.