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Soon-to-be husband and wife plan backup ceremony for Bolivar Beach wedding amid storm uncertainty

People all along the gulf coast are urged to pay attention because there's so much uncertainty with the storm.

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas — Bolivar Peninsula weather conditions are beautiful as of Wednesday, but it might be a different story this weekend. 

Galveston County officials aren't the only ones watching that tropical system in the Gulf right now. People all along the Gulf coast are urged to pay attention because there's so much uncertainty with the storm.

For many, this storm may serve as a test run at the start of the hurricane season.

"Tracking the storm. Everything. I've been doing everything." Angela Nagel said.

Nagel and her soon-to-be husband Anthony are set to tie the knot on Saturday at the Beauty and the Beach wedding venue on Bolivar.

They've been watching invest 92 L just like many of us and have a backup plan in case the weather turns ugly.

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"It'll be under the house, and then they have weather screens that go up and everything. So, either way it will be at the same time, same day. We'll just have all the weather screens up and it'll be ok," Nagel said.

They reserved the venue a year ago and aren't going to let mother nature ruin the occasion.

"[I’m] just really hoping that it's gonna be sunny and I can walk down those beautiful stairs and go get married where we want to. Just 30 minutes of sun is all I ask for Saturday," Nagel said.

While Galveston County Emergency Management Coordinator Scott Tafuri can't promise sunshine all weekend, he confirms impacts from the system look minimal at this time.

"It has an easterly track to it, so it looks like it's going to probably miss us as of right now," Tafuri said.

Tafuri said he met with the National Weather Service Wednesday afternoon. They told him there are several factors working against the storm and helping push it east, including wind shear.

Despite the encouraging news--Tafuri still encourages Galveston County residents to stay informed and be prepared.

"It's really important for people to take this as kind of let me look at my plan,” Tafuri  said. “What am I going to do? Are we good on supplies?”

Tafuri also said Galveston County residents can go to the county's emergency management website Gcoem.org for the latest updates on the storm and information on hurricane preparedness.

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