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County leaders are growing 'rather impatient' with Ford Park timeline

The county approved the sale to renaissance development group last November. Now, nearly three months later nothing is finalized.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick said, he and other county leaders are getting "rather impatient" with the timeline to "sell" ford park.

“They have had their various partners within the group going back and forth with the financiers over the past couple of months,” Branick siad. “While, I’m not part of those conversations, that's the gist of what I’ve been told.”

The county approved the sale to Renaissance Development Group last November.

Back in March, Kevin Johnson, the president and CEO of Renaissance Development Group said the closing was expected soon, and construction would start immediately.

Now, nearly three months later, nothing is finalized.

Judge Branick said he is hopeful the closing will happen by June 20.

The county expects to have more conversations on June 15.

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