The Army Corps of Engineers is investigating what caused the a flood-wall failure near Taylor bayou and is working with Jefferson County Drainage District Seven to make repairs.

From the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers...

Jefferson County Drainage District No. 7 notified the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of a floodwall failure near Taylor Bayou Tuesday morning.

The floodwall is part of the Port Arthur and Vicinity Hurricane Flood Protection system. As a result of the floodwall’s current condition, we do not have confidence that it will withstand a local tropical storm or hurricane.

Drainage District No. 7 and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are currently assessing the situation and are working diligently on a temporary measure to be constructed immediately, while a more long term repair is pursued.

The public should take this time to review all evacuation plans and ensure that they maintain a heightened awareness of tropical systems in the Gulf of Mexico.

Emergency officials as well as elected officials met in Port Arthur on Monday to discuss plans for the levee.

"We are hopeful that inner measures to assure protection can be taken in a few weeks as suppose to months." said Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick.

We also highly encourage the public to follow the directions of their locally elected officials if the area becomes threatened by a tropical system this year.

Public safety is our main priority. Drainage District No. 7 and the U.S. Corps of Engineers will continue to provide open and transparent communication with routine updates on the status of the project as we work to make immediate repairs.

The cause of the damage is under investigation.

For further information contact the Jefferson County Drainage District No. 7 at 409-985-4369 or the USACE Public Affairs Office at 409-766-3005.