Signs remain standing outside of a Groves home after several complaints saying the written messages are offensive.

Signs make statements about several different groups including black people, the Catholic church, lawyers, and comparing Nazis to the Catholic church.

Ben Quinn has lived in Groves all of his life and thinks this group of signs is taking freedom of speech too far.

"What crosses the line is when something starts to become offensive, hateful, and racist and things like that. And that's the problem I have," Quinn said.

Quinn brought his concerns to the Groves Police Department.

12 News has contacted the police department for any reports that were made in the past.

In the meantime, Quinn is asking others to join him in his call to take the signs down.

"He can voice his opinion all he wants but when he starts putting bigoted things like that, that's when I think he's crossed the line and he needs to take them down," Quinn said.

12 News tried speaking with the homeowner but he said he was not interested in making a comment.