A comment about about a gun led to rumor that a gun may have been brought on campus and an investigation at Hamshire-Fannett High School Thursday morning.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies interviewed all students involved and determined that no gun was ever seen by any students and that no threat was made to anyone according to a release from the sheriff's office.

Deputies also found no gun on the campus and are continuing to investigate according to the release.

The sheriff's office said they commend students for speaking up and urged parents to talk to their kids about school safety.

"It is never OK to even joke about guns or violence, particularly on a school campus," according to the release.

The district is urging parents to attend a community meeting they plan to schedule for sometime next week to have a conversation about social media, school safety as well as violence.

Deputies have recently increased their presence at all rural Jefferson County schools and say that the public should not be alarmed to see more deputies on campuses.

Deputies will be walking halls, parking lots and patrolling school perimeters the release said.

The sheriff's office also urges residents not to over-react and post things on social media that are unconfirmed as doing so could cause unneeded panic in the community.