PORT NECHES, Texas — Insurance adjusters begin visiting area residents Sunday to assess any damage as a result of the recent event at TPC Group’s Port Neches Operations.

Claims representatives were in the field Saturday confirming the areas of highest impact.

Adjusters will begin door-to-door visits Sunday, and continue for several days, going street-by-street in the impact areas, according to a release by Port Neches Response.

The release states, the first areas adjusters will visit include residences within approximately 4,000 feet of TPC Group’s Port Neches Operations.

Adjusters are beginning visits Sunday within the boundaries outlined on the map attached.

Map of where adjusters will begin, TCP plant
Port Neches Response

If residents are not home when adjusters visit, a contact card will be left at that residence.

Adjusters will attempt to visit residents who have filed claims via the Community Assistance Helpline, as well as those who have not filed claims.

Separately, and also beginning tomorrow (Sunday), residents who contacted the Community Assistance Helpline with concerns about debris on their property, can expect a visit from environmental response specialists CTEH, who will conduct debris assessments and will be leading removal efforts, according to the release.

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CTEH will be assessing homes and yards within approximately one-half mile of the TPC Port Neches Operations fenceline.

To file a claim for evacuation costs or property damage, or to report debris on your property, please call the Community Assistance Helpline at 866-601-5880.