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City of Orange to step up code enforcement in effort to clean up city

Some city code enforcement that became less restrictive during Tropical Storm Harvey recovery will now be enforced.

The spring season means it’s time for spring cleaning, which the city of Orange says it is taking seriously.

One issue they are cracking down on is signs advertising contractors that are left in the right of way on roads.

Brandon Palmer is still recovering from Tropical Storm Harvey and says a sign for a contractor that didn’t work on his home was placed in his yard several days ago.

"At least once a week, some contractor, somebody's dropping signs in our yard and they're staking them up,” Palmer said.

The city’s planning and community development director says city council members want to return to normal life after Tropical Storm Harvey.

“Certainly they’re concerned about keeping the city clean and making the city attractive,” Kelvin Knauf said.

“Signs in the rights-of-way, we’ll be enforcing the high grass and weeds, other violations we’ll start to enforce those. If people have a lot of junk in their yard and people haven’t put it out for our grapple truck service, then we’ll be enforcing those as well,” Knauf said.

Residents like Palmer are relieved that the city is returning to operating as they did before the storm.

“Things are getting normal in our area so it's time to start reinforcing and getting back to normal life," Palmer said.

Knauf says that as long as homeowners and residents comply with codes, no fines or penalties will be enforced.

Knauf says residents still living in trailers on their property during Harvey repairs can live in the trailers until September.

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