Church leaders attended a seminar in Jasper Thursday, many of them concerned following the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs.

“The incident that happened in San Antonio, those people lost their lives and I’m concerned for our congregation and things that we need to know to do in case of an intruder or somebody that is sick to come in and do damage at our church.” Said Rodney Norsworthy.

Norsworthy is the assistant pastor at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Jasper.

The forum was hosted by Jasper Sargent Cody Christopher and Detective Kenneth LeVergne from the police department.

Each person who attended the meeting received a packet with all sorts of laws of church security and requirements.

“I believe that they gained knowledge from being here today and I believe it gave them a good starting point of where to from there.” Said Sgt. Cody Christopher.

Christopher and LeVergne answered questions about the misconceptions about carrying a gun in church as well.

“I believe everyone should have some kind of place to protect the people of their congregation. We live in a world where unfortunately these kind of events are too common.” Said Det. Kenneth LeVergne.

Security changes is what Norsworthy wants to bring to light at his church so his members feel protective inside their house of worship.

“We need to make some changes right away. We need to address somethings that will help our people.” Norsworthy said.