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There's one firework product you may have trouble finding this year

The news comes after supply chain issues reportedly affected supply for the Fourth of July.

AUSTIN, Texas — After reported supply chain issues that challenged Fourth of July celebrations, Central Texas fireworks retailers say there won't be an issue for the New Year’s fireworks season.

Anyone looking to celebrate the New Year with fireworks could start purchasing them on Monday, Dec. 20. Chester Davis of American Fireworks said he's expecting more people to celebrate New Year’s with fireworks this year.

“The recent rainfall has been beneficial and we don’t expect any drought restrictions across Central Texas,” Davis said. “We’ve recently received large shipments of fireworks and our warehouse is the fullest it’s been in months.”

Based on how sales are going so far, Davis said he is expecting overall sales for the season to be up 40% compared to last year. 

The only product shoppers may have trouble finding is packs of sparklers, Davis said. His stores and others across the country are struggling to keep them in stock. 

Another difference buyers may notice is the cost, which is expected to be higher this year. Retailers are paying a lot more to stock the shelves. 

"Transportation cost is triple," Davis said, "which is phenomenal because the transportation costs are more than the cost of the fireworks for the first time ever since I've been in the business."

Either way, Davis said most customers are coming in excited to celebrate the new year. 

"They have sit home, they've dealt with this virus issue. They've dealt with whatever problems. And what you find about Americans, Texans, is that, man, we, you know, we like to celebrate," Davis said. 

Davis is encouraging people using fireworks to be courteous and pay attention to local laws concerning the combustibles. 

The Travis County Fire Marshal's Office shared these safety tips: 

  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks. Every year, kids are badly injured by fireworks.
  • Sparklers burn as hot as a welding torch and are not for little kids to use. Give them glow sticks to play with and leave the sparklers to the adults.
  • Never lean over the fireworks when lighting them or you may be struck and injured.
  • Don't pick up fireworks that have not completely gone off. They may still explode.
  • Throwing fireworks at each other is a bad idea. Don’t do it.
  • Light fireworks one at a time.
  • After fireworks complete burning, spray them with water or put them in a bucket of water. Don't put them in the trash.

The team at American Fireworks also recommends having a designated shooter, someone who isn't drinking alcohol, to handle lighting the fireworks. 

"New Year's will be more enjoyable for everyone by being safe, smart and responsible with fireworks," Davis said.

Fireworks sales continue through midnight on Jan.1, 2022.


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