After what police say has been an increase of in car break-ins since Harvey in the Stonegate area of Port Arhur, a few residents are wanting answers, and fortunately they may have them sooner than later thanks to a home security system.

“I had a camera that alerted that there was motion in our driveway so we grabbed the gun, went down stairs and called the cops,” said one victim of a break-in that chose to remain nameless.

A doorbell camera caught what appears to be a young man wearing an Indians soccer hoodie, and holding a Guy Fawkes mask. The Stonegate resident believes this is the person who broke into her car and stole items. But without catching him in the act Port Arthur police department can’t accurately say if this is the person behind every break in.

“(I’m) a little bit uneasy,” said the victim. “Kind of feel like a sitting duck a little bit.”

But a little fear isn’t going to stop one Stonegate resident from getting her message across after she says, masked men tried to break into her car and her home.

“I will press charges for entering into my home,” said the second victim, who also chose to remain nameless. “He needs to know that we are armed and do not come back to my property.”

And despite some fear, the first resident says people in the neighborhood need to be aware of the situation at hand.

“I think you just need to keep your eyes out and if something doesn't seem right, something doesn't feel right, there is a reason why you have that gut feeling and just go with that gut feeling,” said victim #1.

Police are still trying to gather information about these car break-ins so if you have any information that could help in this case, call Port Arthur police department. That number is 983-8600.