Hundreds of cars got pummeled by hail across the Golden Triangle Friday night.

The hardest hit areas were Vidor and West Beaumont. Colton Weaver lives off Manion Drive near Westbrook and said he saw quarter size hail hit his brand new Hyundai.

“The sound of it hitting the metal is like nails on a chalkboard,” said Weaver.

The hail damaged his roof, doors and the front of his car. He took it to the car shop today and decided to use paint less dent repair.

Shannon Ardoin is a technician and said using PDR is quicker for fixing dents in your car and more cost effective.

"It's a way to repair the dents without using paint or filler and we go in behind the dents and we massage the dents back out," said Weaver.

Ardoin owns his own PDR Company and said it takes technicians about a day or two to fix the car. He also said it’s about a third of the cost to use conventional dent repair.

Ardoin said it costs about $75 to fix five small dents with PDR compared to $500 for using conventional dent repair.

Weaver said this is good news because he’ll be riding in style once again.