Richard and Patty Gibbs love story is one formed from volunteering. Richard is the Team Leader for the Cajun Army in Hamshire after Harvey. Patty came to volunteer after she refused to let a co-worker come to Texas from Michigan alone.

“She had two friends that were going to come down here with her,” said Patty. “And at the last minute the friends backed out on her. So she was going to come here by herself. I said no you’re not. I’ll go with you!”

That is where the Michigan girl met the Cajun boy, and a romance started. However, when Patty was heading to Michigan, it wasn’t Richard that called her back to Texas Initially.

“Even when we (Patty and her friend) were driving out of here, both of us were like, we both want to come back because we enjoyed the volunteering so much,” said Patty. “And that was before I even knew he liked me!”

It has always been love at first sight for Richard. One trip down for Patty turned into two, and into three. A romance bloomed.

“It was love at first sight for me, even though she didn’t know it,” said Richard. “We’d been talking and she wanted to get married right away.”

They were engaged by Christmas, and married at the Jefferson county courthouse on February 9th. Patty is still traveling back and forth between Michigan and Texas, and Richard says he will stay in the area until his volunteer work is done. The couple sleeping on cots at First Baptist Church Hamshire, for the time being. But don’t worry about these newlyweds staying in touch.

“We average what? 4-500 texts a day,” laughed Patty.