BUNA, TX - Terry Mcnaughten has lived in Buna his entire life and has been using AT&T internet for the past 20 years. Mcnaughten's internet provider is less than 1,000 yards from his front door and he says he doesn't understand why his access has gone dark. He says he is not the only one.

"I have a buddy that lives right behind the main AT&T building here in town and he can't even get internet there and he is like 200 feet from the tower, form the building. And I've got a cousin who lives out at 2-53 and they are telling her the same thing, its not available.Which is like if you offered it, don't you think people would actually get the internet instead of just keep giving them the run around." says Mcnaughten.

12News reached out to AT&T to find out why certain areas do not have internet access.

A company representatives say several factors can come into play.

For one, AT&T may not have a signal for a particular address.

Another reason is if a resident lives in a remote area.

Also, if someone has moved to a new address, the company will provide the customer with a ticket number. That number will then be sent to AT&T engineers who will go to the home and survey the area to determine if the resident will be able to have their internet service.

Since Mcnaughten falls under the new resident category. He's hoping AT&T will have availability soon, but if not, he'll be left with just one option.

"I guess I will have to go to satellite which I don't want to do, but I have to have some kind of internet."