A Bridge City family is mourning the loss of a mother who was laid to rest yesterday after bravely fighting stage four Lymphoma.

Myra Caillouet was diagnosed with cancer in October at the MD Anderson Cancer center in Houston.

Her four daughters created a *NSYNC remix video “Cancer bye, bye, bye” for their mother as gift for Christmas last year to cheer her up. The video was viewed on Facebook over 24,000 times and shared over 500 times.

"She loved the video, we were happy to see other people moved by her story," said her daughter Carlie Duplechin.

Since their mothers death the girls have been celebrating her life by looking at old pictures they have of her.

One of the pictures shows the Caillouet smiling with her daughters and grandchildren during a lake trip in January.

“This picture, just it beams because we were just happy together,” said Duplechin.

Her four daughters Carlie, Leslie, Cassie and Amy said their mother was very family oriented. They said Caillouet was an amazing grandmother to all of their kids.

When their family found out about Caillouet's cancer they came together to support her.

"She was so brave and courageous and we couldn’t be more proud of her, she did not give up," said Duplechin.

The daughter’s fed off her positive attitude that she kept throughout her chemo treatments.

"I want to be more positive like her she had positivity that could blow you away she alwasy had something you could be thankful for and she was truly selfless till the very end," said Duplechin.

However, her daughter Amy Garza admits at times it was tough to watch her suffer through chemo. She said throughout her mother's treatment their family was able to come together for support.

"Overall, one thing I’ve taken from this is don’t sweat the small stuff, because while my stepmom was in the hospital one of the things she said was this life is a blink and it is true you never know what is going to come your way," said Garza.

The daughters said they hope their mother inspires others with how selfless she was as a person.

"Our tragedy truly is her triumph because we know exactly where she is, we know she is not suffering anymore and that’s what we want, we didn’t want her to suffer anymore,” said Garza.

Her daughters said one of Caillouet's last wishes was to donate water products to the Sarnelli House in Thailand that is an orphanage for abandoned children.

The daughters said you can leave a donation in honor of their mother which is called the "Water Angel Project" here.