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‘God just made me that way’ | 7-year-old Houston boy uses birthday money to help homeless

Dylan will make Thanksgiving a little brighter for some homeless people in Houston.

HOUSTON — Like a lot of kids in 2020, Dylan Virtudazo didn’t get to have a birthday party when he turned 7.

Instead, he had cake with his parents and siblings, along with a visit from a close family friend who gave him some birthday money.

Dylan immediately knew what he wanted to do with the gift. He told his parents, Nancy and Irwin, that he would add it to the money he’d been saving to help the homeless.

Nancy said Dylan used his savings to buy hygiene products and snacks, carefully choosing “the things he knew a needy person would need to feel good of themselves.”

Family and friends helped fill 50 blessing bags that will be handed out to homeless people on Thanksgiving Day.

Dylan’s mom said he loves baseball and could have used his birthday money to buy himself a bat.

“We asked him, ‘what made you think of helping the needy?’ He replied, ‘God just made me that way,’” Nancy told us.

“I pray this story never ends and he continues to lead his generation by example,” she said. “If we want a better future for our children, we need to continue to water the seed God put in their hearts.”

And so, on this Thanksgiving, we should all be thankful for this little boy with a big heart and the parents who raised him to be selfless and caring.

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