The Bob Hope School is looking to open a campus in Beaumont. The charter school wants to start small. Only opening a campus for Pre-K though second grade for the 2018 school year.

"So we feel like that’s the best thing to do in Beaumont is to start from the ground up, from pre kinder, and then go ahead and add a grade level as we go through," said Bob Hope School CEO, Bobby Lopez.

Administrators will approach the Beaumont City Council on Tuesday with their proposal, and will ask for a zoning change to allow the school. With hopes of construction beginning in on Park North Drive as soon as possible.

"We will be able to finance it ourselves," said Lopez. "We have the Hughen Center as a charter holder, who will be able to finance the facility."

For Andria Linden, who student taught at Beaumont Westbrook before getting a full time job at Bob Hope, she believes Bob Hope’s smaller class sizes contribute to a better learning environment.

"This school is much closer knit," said Linden. "It’s more family oriented I feel like. It’s different in that I feel like the kids get along really well."

According to Lopez, he believes that the community response to a new school opening in Beaumont will be a welcoming one.

"There is something that we are offering here that parents love," said Lopez. "And so right now here in Port Arthur, we have an extremely long waiting list and so we think the same thing is going to happen in Beaumont.

Lopez also said that if anyone had any questions about the potential new school to feel free to call 409-983-6659, or go to