Volunteers with BISD joined efforts with first responders to help rescue residents from the flood waters.

Several bus drivers drove their busses to take people to the Red Cross shelter at the Beaumont Civic Center.

"We are BISD transportation, not just to transport students but to help people," said volunteer Willie Made Isadore.


Isadore said she wanted to volunteer because she felt like it was the right thing to do during this difficult time.

Five busses from BISD helped out first responders by taking them to hard hit areas.

"We got good people, a good fleet and we just want to come and show the love," said Isadore.

Two women were picked up from a senior living center off Washington Village Parkway in Beaumont.

One woman named Linda said she started packing up all her stuff once she noticed the ceiling was leaking.

"I prepare for everything way ahead of time, I never prepare last minute,” said Linda.

She said she took the essentials but explains she still misses the pictures of her loved ones she left at home.

"Those are valuable things in a way but they are also material things and when it comes down to the pictures I remember in my mind," said Linda.

The fearless bus drivers plan on helping out for the next few days to help people affected by Harvey.

Isadore said she is happy she is able to help the community in a positive way.

"God is good god is good we brought them here so they can have shelter in here,” said Isadore.