Corey Nelson has lived in Bevil Oaks for 14 years. He has a son and daughter attending Harmony Science Academy in Beaumont. His oldest son may be heading to West Brook High School next year. He hopes that Beaumont ISD and Hardin-Jefferson ISD allow the town of Bevil Oaks to detach from BISD and join HJISD.

"My main concern is my kids, their education and having a stable education, they don't need to be hearing about their school district on the news and how bad they're doing," Nelson said.

Nelson and up to 600 others have signed a petition to detach from Beaumont ISD and annex into Hardin-Jefferson ISD.

According to a statement obtained by 12 News, residents feel that Hardin-Jefferson ISD schools perform better academically than schools in Beaumont ISD.

The statement also points out that some Hardin-Jefferson ISD schools are closer to Bevil Oaks than some Beaumont ISD schools they are currently zoned for.

Bevil Oaks is zoned for Roy Guess Elementary school, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, and Central or West Brook High School.

Some opponents of the proposal feel that HJISD is too crowded to accept more students.

Nelson stands firm believing that Hardin-Jefferson is the right fit for his kids.

"Their teachers are good there and we have good teachers in Beaumont. But I just think that it's the people behind the teachers that are screwing the city and the teachers and the kids and everybody, and I don't want to be a part of it,” Nelson said.

“I don't hear that and I don't know of anybody that's heard that coming from HJ down the road," Nelson said.

The town of Bevil Oaks has tried in the past to detach from Beaumont ISD without success.
Beaumont ISD’s board of managers will hold a public hearing on April 20 regarding the petition. HJISD trustees will meet on May 1.

According to the Texas Education Agency, both districts would have to approve the detachment and annexation.

If one board approves and the other doesn't, the petitioners can make an appeal to the Texas Education Commissioner.