A Beaumont teen, who's an aspiring actress, says taking high school classes online has created great flexibility in her schedule.

Isabelle Scott is a remarkable 16-year-old. She's already published two children's books and added big projects to her acting resume like ABC's American Crime and an NBA app commercial.

Scott wants to be get into the film industry one day and she's hitting the pavement hard now.

Recently, the teen was met with a dilemna: how to juggle classes at Hamshire Fannett High School and make it to acting gigs.

"I kept missing school for acting," said Scott.

Her mom found out about Texas Connections Academy. It's a virtual public school for students in the 3rd through 12th grades.

"They do it to where the criteria is based off of each semester and also what is going on in the state schooling," said Scott. "Whatever school you just left, they kind of just pick up where you're at."

Scott tried out the program in January. She was able to watch video lectures, read textbook passages and complete assignments on her own time.

She's looking forward to using the online course again for her upcoming senior year.

"It really allows somebody to focus on not only their education but also their day-to-day on what they need to get done," said Scott. "It gives you that free time, it gives you that independence and also a good work ethic."

Scott says her mom can monitor grades but doesn't have to worry about lesson planning. This is one way the course differs from homeschooling.

As for having social interaction Scott says she has plenty of freedom and time to schedule hang out time with her friends.

For more information on the Texas Connections Academy click here: http://www.connectionsacademy.com/texas-virtual-school

For more information about Isabelle's acting career click here: www.Izascott.wordpress.com