The Salvation Army is overflowing as it tries to shelter as many people from the cold as possible.

Right now the organization is at full capacity with 40 people currently staying inside the facility.

"The chill factor, the cold, it's really dangerous to be honest with you," said Commanding Officer Donald Marvels.

The Salvation Army is adding more cots to another room to give more people a place to stay.

One man named Robert Slaydon has stayed at the shelter for the past two days and is thankful to take cover from the chilly weather.

"We have a place to get off the street to help us, we need this," said Slaydon.

"Everybody who comes through here needs the public's help for a little while everybody needs a little help."

Meanwhile other people rushed to M&D Supply to buy heaters for their homes.

The manager at M&D Supply said over 50 heaters were sold Tuesday afternoon.

"With the flooding, a lot of people don't have insulation or walls up in their house, a lot of people are living in shells and they need more heat," said Manager Rachel Diaz.

Beau James-Imholt said he stormed the shelves after his heater ran out of propane in his travel trailer.

“I like heat so this is complaining weather for me," said James-Imholt.

The Salvation Army hopes they can help as many people as they can.

The shelter will be open for people until 10 p.m and will not charge people money.

“We want to do whatever we can in support of making sure that we put others first said Marvels.

The Salvation Army in Orange off MLK Jr. will be open as a shelter at 7 p.m.

Other churches in Orange County will open as shelters as well like Harmony Baptist Church off 4685 Highway 12 and Rose City Baptist Church at 1430 highway 90 west.