As trick or treaters make their rounds door to door this evening, authorities hope they're armed with knowledge to keep them safe from predators. Beaumont police say parents should be aware of where sex offenders are living within city limits.

"As a parent we have to take care of our kids and make sure we are watching them,” said Krystal Burns, a Beaumont resident.

According to Beaumont police, there are 623 convicted sex offenders. Probation officers say about 30 federal offenders will be required to attend group treatment during trick or treating hours.

"We are just going to make sure our kids are not walking off by themselves and staying pretty close to them,” said Burns.

Beaumont police admit that their patrols will be limited and are encourage parents to go to the Texas Department of Public Safety website to help locate convicted sex offenders before trick or treating. You can click on this link: