Pastors in Beaumont are looking at increasing security measures during church services after the deadly Sutherland Springs massacre.

Pastor Eldridge Charlot Sr. said he will do everything to make his church members feel safe during worship.

"It’s the house of god, it ought to be freedom that we can come and worship the place that we can come and lift our hands and open up our hearts up to god and he mends our heart together it shouldn’t be a place of where I fear," said Pastor Charlot.

He is brainstorming with his fellow Pastor McKinly August about tighter security measures.

"We are responsible for our parishioners, we will do whatever we have to do to protect them,” said Pastor August.

Pastor August preaches to a congregation of 125 people. He said he plans on having more private security made up of members who have licenses to carry.

A new law went into effect at the beginning of September that allows members of churches to create security teams made up of their own congregation.

“You don't know who is going to come walk into the church because everybody is invited into the house of god but we still have to be aware of who comes in,” said Pastor August.

Pastor August said a few of his members are already armed but he wants to have more people prepared to keep his congregation protected.

Both of the pastors are looking into security cameras as well.

"I never thought in my life that we would ever have to come to this point that where we would have to have guns and stuff at church,” said Pastor Charlot. “So then now it’s almost to the point to now you are going to have to have security measures to the point where they have metal detectors.”