A Beaumont parent said she is not surprised that several B.I.S.D schools received low marks from the Texas Education Agency.

"It’s awful, just awful," said Ternecsha Bradley.

Bradley said both of her kids went to schools that could be in danger of closing because they were rated poorly by the TEA.

Her daughter went to Jones-Clark Elementary while her son went to Smith Middle School when they were younger.

“The teachers can’t focus on the kids who are actually there to learn because they are focusing too much on the kids who are being disruptive in class,” said Bradley.

A law passed in 2015 allows the education commissioner to take over a school district if one or more of the campuses receives an "Improvement Required" rating for five or more years in a row.

The commissioner also has the power to close the campuses.

The campuses at risk are Fehl-Price Elementary which received the IR rating for five consecutive years.

The Jones-Clark Elementary School and Smith Middle School received the rating four years in a row as well.

Although the schools are in danger of closing, they will be given a full year to improve their ratings.

"It will affect parents, the parents will have to drive their kids to school because it will take them out of their zoning area,” said Bradley.

Bradley is worried about what will happen if schools get closed down and students will have to transfer to other campuses.

"Even though they may not be awful kids there are some kids that have disciplinary issues and it may bring it to other schools where they are not having as many disciplinary issues," said Bradley.

Bradley said she does not think the district is solely responsible for the rating and encourages other parents to address behavior issues at home.

“We have to do better as parents raising our kids at home to be respectful for individuals to respect adults not to talk back,” said Bradley.

“Teachers have their education, their job is to make sure that they educate our children and if they (students) are not being respectful enough to receive their education what is a teacher going to do.”

The B.I.S.D district already has a board of managers already in place.

TEA spokeswoman DeEtta Culbertson said its too early to say what could happen to the district if they receive another IR rating.

Nakisha Myles, spokesperson for BISD released the following statement.

BISD received an overall "Met Standard" rating for STAAR performance on the 2016-2017 assessment and exceeded performance targets for all four indices. Fifteen campuses were rated as "Met Standard" based on STAAR performance. The following campuses received distinctions based on STAAR performance: Curtis, Guess, Homer, Marshall, Odom, Regina, and West Brook.BISD is continuing to work toward 100% of its campuses meeting state standards. We are maintaining a focus on instruction and student outcomes to reduce the achievement gap and move campuses rated IR to “Met Standard”. The district is continuing to support teachers with professional development targeted to directly impact instruction and thus improve student achievement.

Three Beaumont schools could face closure if they fail to meet state standards a year from now