Beaumont police officer Willie Melancon described the scariest moment for him so far in the line of duty.

He was there as building 5 at Glen Oaks apartment complex began crumbling to ash, as a fire tore through several units on Saturday.

Melancon said all he saw as he ran up to the fire, was a family trapped in the middle of the blaze.

He did what any first responder would do, he rushed inside to help.

“When I got over there, my first thought was okay, if the door won’t open for her it’s not going to open for me so I attempted to break the glass.” Said Melancon.

Cell phone video captured the exact moment a wave of relief swept over him as a woman and her two children made it to safety.

“Those babies. I had to try to help those babies!” he explained.

Melancon was patrolling nearby when he was dispatched to the scene on Saturday. He and another officer were one of the first responders there along with Beaumont Fire Rescue.

He suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

“When I first got there, I knew they were at the same hospital so I went and checked on them because I was concerned because EMS had told me those little boys were burned slightly.” He said.

Melancon said when he saw the family they were doing okay.