BEAUMONT, Texas — Forest Hollow Mobile Home Park residents in Beaumont spent a second day without water on Wednesday. 

City of Beaumont officials say they've had issues with this property for months.

Editor's Note: The above video aired on Jan. 28, before the City of Beaumont spoke to 12News. 

Todd Simineox is the Chief Financial Officer for the city. 

"It's just one excuse after another and it's terrible for those tenants," Simineox said.

He said the park's owner, Southern Choice Properties hasn't been able to keep up with their bills for awhile and this isn't the first time they've had to cut off the water. 

"So basically they owe us for November, December and since they have a history of being so delinquent by policy we have to charge them a deposit. So currently, as it stands, they owe the city $47,000," Simineox said. 

Mike Reeves has been living here for 30 years and says he's been going in circles looking for answers.

"If they would just fix the leaks, the water bill wouldn't be so high," Reeves said. 

Leaks that the property owners say aren't there. 

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"Other than just people walking around looking, they don't inspect," Reeves said. "My yard's been flooding for over a year, and they will not repair a leak there." 

Tuesday, the onsite property manager told us it was an issue with the city. 

Property Manager Brandi Jones said on Tuesday that there have been billing issues with the city. 

 "We're working diligently to get it taken care of," Jones said. 

Simineox says the city has been lenient with the property in the past, but there's only so much they can do. 

"We know they have tenants that need this water, and it's not their fault. So we're trying to work with them. But we're trying to safeguard our assets at the same time," Simineox said. 

In an attempt to have the water back on Wednesday, the city only asked for two months of their average monthly bill, plus, half of the deposit. That comes out to $21,500. 

"Water is vital and you just gotta be responsible enough to pay those water bills," Simineox said. 

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