BEAUMONT, Texas — Residents at one mobile home park are demanding answers after they say the water's been shut off for the second time in a few months. 

Those living at Forest Hollow Mobile Home Park, located on Broadoak St. in Beaumont, stood around for hours on Tuesday. 

The city shut off the entire park's water around 10 a.m.

Kelli Jones didn't want to be on camera, but she wanted to talk about how stressed she's been since she moved in a month ago.

"What has happened today has really pushed me over the edge," Jones said. 

Having her water shut off was the last thing she needed. 

"I have an oxygen machine that I use regularly, at least 18 hours a day that requires me to put water in it," Jones said. 

 Jones suffers from from congestive heart failure and suffers from several other medical conditions. 

"With me being on hospice, I have children I have to take care of and it's just, it's unbelievable," Jones said. 

Bobbi Cano is another frustrated resident who thinks the property managers aren't paying the city's bills. 

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"We keep hearing it's a city problem, it's a city problem. But I don't think the city turns off you water unless you don't pay the bills," Cano said. 

Brandi Jones is the new property manager on site. Tuesday was actually her first day. 

"I just want the residents to know that I do, we sincerely apologize. It's not us, it's actually a billing situation," Jones said. 

When the water was shut off in November, 12News requested a copy of the billing history from the City of Beaumont. 

Records showed dramatic increases after the first late fee was applied in July 2019. 

June 2019: $8,474.95
July 2019: $17, 776.00
August 2019: $22,048.87
September 2019: $27,653.30
October 2019: $31,240.34
November 2019: $47, 158. 89

The property manager says the park was inspected for leaks in December, but none were found. 

Some residents say there's one leak in the front that hasn't been fixed for months. 

"Nobody is giving any of us answers, and there are a lot, a lot of upset people," Jones said. 

12News reached out to the city for a statement regarding the increases in the park's water bill, but still haven't heard back. 

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