24-year-old Marlin Bob is back home after suffering second and third-degree burns from a fire in the Goodyear plant on November 15.

Bob spent three days in a Galveston hospital and now faces a long road to recovery.

Bob says he pushed another worker out of the way to prevent a more serious injury.

He suffered burns to his right arm, both hands and his face.

"As soon as the machine had turned on, I ran over, grabbed the water hose, and told the training dude, I said ‘man, get back get back!’" Bob said.

Bob has worked as a middle operator for three years at the plant. Bob says he acted on instinct when he prevented another worker from suffering burns after a big fire broke out.

"It basically shot onto me and it knocked me down to the ground," Bob said.

"They sat me down in a chair and then I passed out. After that, only thing I noticed was I woke up in the hospital in Galveston," Bob said.

Bob’s injuries prevent him from going in the sunlight for the next month, besides doctor’s appointments. He says it will take at least a year of recovery from the burns.

"My wife and my mom know that when I'm off I like to go fishing, I like to pick up on my kids and stuff like that, I can't do none of that," Bob said.

Bob says he doesn't regret his actions knowing that he saved someone else. He hopes that his actions can remind others to stay safe while working.

"Be cautious about what you're doing, and mostly be safe about what you're doing, if you feel like something isn’t right, speak out and let them know," Bob said.

Bob does not have a timetable to return to work.

12 News contacted Goodyear for an official statement. Goodyear says they are contacting the contract company before offering a comment.