BEAUMONT — A social media post had teachers and administrators "on alert" today at Beaumont United High School after a controversial social media post by one or more students.

The post read: "Free fight Friday, fight anyone y'all want."

Dion Edwards has a son who attends Beaumont ISD. She said kids need to find other ways to entertain themselves because stuff like this ends up affecting everyone.

"There actually are students who are at school for an education," Edwards said.

The post also appeared to link to a list of social media profiles.

Beaumont United High School Principal Ron Jackson said the threat came from at least one student on social media. In response, the school posted on its own social media page notifying parents.

"We took the appropriate steps in order to keep our students safe," Jackson said.

Jackson said the school increased security during the normal morning routine to make sure nothing bad would come from this post.

"We don't take anything lightly when it comes to the protection and safety of our students," said Jackson.

Thankfully, Jackson said no fights were reported, but the district is keeping a watchful eye.