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Beaumont ISD calling on families to help stop recent surge in school threats, student misconduct

Multiple Beaumont ISD campuses have had to go on lockdowns after the schools were notified of threats.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Another threat at a Beaumont Independent School District campus lining up what looks like a pattern of false threats over the past few days. 

Multiple Beaumont ISD high schools and middle schools have had to go on lockdowns after the schools were notified of threats.

Though the threats may be false, the fear that students and parents experience is real.

“I just wanted to get to my baby," said Beaumont ISD parent Susan O’Halloran.

Susan O’Halloran and many other parents rushed to Marshall Middle School after they received a call around 10 a.m.

The campus was put on lockdown due to a potential threat. O’Halloran said she felt helpless knowing her 12-year-old daughter was inside.

“I wasn't there to protect her if needed. And that was probably the scariest moment," O’Halloran said.

Chief Joseph Malbrough with BISD police said they received a call that a weapon was on the middle school campus, but after they conducted a search,
there was no weapon found.

“These individuals that are making these calls,” Malbrough said. “We will find out who they are. And of course, we will pursue any criminal sanctions that must be pursued."

MORE | Read full news release here.

Beaumont ISD director of community and media relations Denise Mclean said these disruptions are interfering with these children’s education.

“We have to take every one of these seriously,” Mclean said. “Unfortunately, learning time is lost due to this, but the safety and security of the kids are most important."

In a press release, Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen asked students to come forward if they knew about any incident.

"Time is of the essence right now, and moments spent engaging in foolish or destructive behavior take away from the work we need to do to ensure our students succeed academically," Allen said.

Malbrough said they're investigating the calls and want parents and students to know they will bring whoever called in the threat to justice.

“The consequence of this is say do you have felony right? So, you have six months to two years or $10,000 fine,” Malbrough said, “So it's a serious offense. It's a serious state jail felony is a serious offense."

O’Halloran believes BISD did the best they could, but she also says this-- is a parenting issue.

"Kids need support,” O’Halloran said, “They need to be talked to they need to feel safe and loved at home. Even when they're getting bullied. They need to feel that they have somewhere where they are safe."

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Full Beaumont ISD news release...

In response to the recent surge in student misconduct, including fighting and making statements of a threatening nature, I call upon our families to partner with the district to stop these behaviors. BISD will not tolerate these actions and all students should know that we take every offense very seriously. 

Some of our students are making poor choices, which distracts them from the reason they are attending school. Time is of the essence right now, and moments spent engaging in foolish or destructive behavior take away from the work we need to do to ensure our students succeed academically. 

In recent days, the threats received by campuses have prompted lockdowns and increased security presence. These disruptions cause the district, the city and the county to expend resources and take them away from their normal duties. The threats also cause panic and worry for our students, parents and the community. Parents, I am asking you to make your child aware of the severe administrative and criminal consequences of participating in destructive and violent behaviors or threats. 

We need our students to come forward if they know about an incident. I am disappointed to see many students are bystanders and even video or share photos of fights and other misconduct occurring on campuses. We want to assure our students that coming forward is by no means a punitive action and will only help our district perform the duty at hand; education. 

Students can speak to a campus administrator or teacher, call the Beaumont ISD Police Department at 409-617-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 409-833-4477 to report any criminal or suspicious behavior. The adage “if you see something, say something” still applies today.

Students must realize that time out of class is not taken lightly and may add time to the school day or make up entire days. Administrators will consider these options should the disruptions continue.

I urge you to review with your students the seriousness of making poor decisions and the consequences of these actions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Texas Education Code and state/federal law. Students involved in such behaviors will face suspension, expulsion, a transfer to Pathways, may be required to pay for damages, or receive charges filed against them.

If you are interested in making a difference on our campuses through mentorship and volunteer opportunities, please visit www.bmtisd.com/volunteers

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