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Beaumont ISD hoping to increase parental involvement in schools to enhance safety

Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen says the pandemic has taken a toll on students, and she's asking for help specifically from parents.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Parents are vital partners in education. They influence their children's attitudes about learning and support learning at home.

Leaders at Beaumont Independent School District said they recognize that and want to tap into it. There will also be a Parent And Community Support training session Thursday morning.

It's been a trying year for Beaumont ISD. The school district has faced numerous disruptions including back-to-back bomb threats, and some other disciplinary issues. So, Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen wants to partner with parents hoping to help resolve some of these issues.

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"We cannot discount the trauma that some of our students have experienced as a result of COVID that has contributed to some of the behaviors or the increased behaviors that we have seen," Allen told 12News in November 2021.

She knows the pandemic has taken a toll on students, and she's asking for help specifically from parents.

"You know a few hours a day, a week, whatever their schedule allows them and actually be on-site,” Allen said. “But it's really an additional set of eyes. The more eyes you have, of course, that enhances and increases the safety."

Two months after that interview, Allen is asking parents to step up to the plate.

An event named “Donuts with Dads” is happening at Smith Middle School Wednesday. A parent and community support training also happening this week Beaumont ISD board member Joe Evans will be there.

"Any time I can try to be with the young guys, try to give them some encouragement, it's always a blessing for me and I think a blessing for them, too," Evans said.

He wants to inspire students to be good community partners. He said now is the time to reach these kids. He's challenging you to step up and volunteer.

"The PACS program is going to give us several opportunities for you to be hall monitor, class monitor, cafeteria monitor, playground monitor,” Evans said. “It's going to be so many opportunities for you to spend time on campus with your kids or with your neighbor's kids or just with kids who are in the community and need some positive role models to look up to."

Evans did the PACS program is here to stay and is encouraging you to get involved.

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