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Dads and Donuts | Beaumont ISD aiming to create sense of community through parent partnerships

From back-to-back bomb threats to student disciplinary issues, BISD has had a tough school year.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Beaumont Independent School District officials are aiming to make a positive difference in students' lives by fostering a better sense of community.

Multiple Beaumont men went to Smith Middle School on Wednesday morning to attend “Dads and Donuts.” The event is an effort by BISD to build parent partnerships.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids who might not have that father figure at home,” Beaumont City Councilman A.J. Turner said. “So, our goal was to get Dads to volunteer and get to know some of these kids and give them some advice and mentorship.”

The group was formed to make a difference in the lives of students all around the district.

"It takes all of us working together as a community to improve it," Councilman Turner, said. "Be it as it is, an important part of our community and it truly takes all dads working together from every walks of life helping kids you may not know. You may change a life today."

From back-to-back bomb threats to student disciplinary issues, BISD has had a tough school year. 

“I've been seeing on the news, seeing on the internet of all the negative things that's happening in our community, seeing things that's going on with our scholars on the internet happening in our school,” Eric Brooks, Behavior Interventions employee at Smith Middle School, said.

The Smith staff feel that events like these give people in the community a chance to help students who really need it.

“They just need positive people in their life, who they can release to,” Brooks said. “You know, give them positive guidance, encourage their goals and ambitions, and just be there to support them. It’s what they need.”

School officials hope that community members continue to come. They believe that in and outside of school walls, it takes a village to raise a child.

“It's not just about dads of kids that actually go to this school," Brooks said. "It's more so dads and positive role models in this community because it's such a need."

School officials hope that events like these will bring about solutions. They said they are committed to putting their students first.

“We want to be here to support dads and give them information on how they can support their kids and other kids,” George Hartsfield, program manager with Buckner, said.

So far, it has been well received by students.

“I think it's great, so kids can get to know their parents more and they get to spend more time together,” Cameron Whittley, Smith Middle School student, said.

A Parent and Community Support training will take place at the West Brook High School Library on Wednesday at 8 a.m.

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