BEAUMONT — Neighbors that live in the small community near 9th Street and Hoover Road say they are frustrated with the constant flooding issues.

"We outlined the back door with sand bags, the front door to but water still came through," one neighbor said.

One tenant wanted remain anonymous, but says her house has already four times in the seven months she’s lived here.

"I've called my landlord plenty of times. The only thing they've come out and did was put a drainage system in the back yard," she said. "It still hasn't helped, this is the second time it's happened since the drainage system."

As water rushed inside her home, she noticed the carpet and walls weren't’t the only things soaked. She says now her kids are left without Christmas gifts, and now she’s left to replace them.

"I told them like some of my presents are messed up, can y’all refund me my money and they were like that’s what renters' insurance is for. Renters' insurance isn't going to pay for presents," she said.

She says she’s fed up and hopes this time her concerns are heard.

"This has been going on since I've moved in and he hasn't done anything yet. If they would just move me somewhere else, I would be happy," she said.