BEAUMONT, Texas — The people living on Mitchell Road on Beaumont’s north side say they’re having serious sewage issues. Last Thursday and Friday, Amy Kendrick says her family had to deal with a smelly situation.

"We heard a sound coming out of the bathroom, well, we went in there and there was water shooting out of the toilet," Kendrick said.

Her sister Katherine Williams lives right across the street, and she’s also had problems.

"Sometimes we'll flush the toilets and it bubbles back up into our bathtubs, and my husband or dad has to go out there and release the pressure. That way we can get the water to drain out of the bathtub," Williams said.

When 12news reached out the city of Beaumont, they claimed they had no record of the problems on Mitchell Road, but minutes later Williams said workers from the city called her.

“He called me and he said he was going to put an emergency request in and get it fixed,"  Williams said. "But how long is it going to take to get it fixed before all the plumbing we have in the house backs up so bad the PVC piping bursts and collapses?"