"We've been trying for two years to get something off the ground," said realtor Autumn Morrell from Remax.

Off the ground, and eventually in the trees beyond Games People Play.

That's where Autumn Morrell, the property's realtor says there could be new housing for seniors.

"Any kind of new development like this, even prior to Harvey was still a need in this area. There were waiting lists for senior developments." Morrell said.

Tuesday, the Beaumont City Council voted to allow development company ITEX to apply for housing tax credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

It could tee up ITEX for the proposed Retreat West Beaumont housing project which would bring 77 affordable housing units and 33 market rate units to the area.

Beaumont's community development director Chris Boone says this should be a good project.

"I understand the site plan is still in flux, but that's our understanding. This will allow them to go ahead and apply for that site, it's not a guarantee, it's an application and a competitive application with the state of Texas," Boone said.

Boone says there was some opposition to the project last year from the nearby Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School.

“It was considered briefly last year, didn't move forward but we're encouraged about this location and in a time where we need some housing it should be a good project,” Boone said.

City documents show Kelly and the Catholic Diocese of Beaumont now supports the project following talks with ITEX.

Morrell, whose parents have owned and operated Games People Play for over 30 years is excited to see property develop in an ideal spot between the driving range and the school.

“We're really excited to hopefully see the development for the seniors in our area and then be able to see what's going to happen with surrounding property as well to better benefit this area of Beaumont,” Morrell said.

ITEX will learn at the end of July if they are approved for the housing tax credit, according to Boone.